The process of patient referrals just got a whole lot easier with SecureReferral.

Referring patients has been a time consuming process that often involved printing records, faxing information and multiple follow up calls to complete the referral. Through Secure Referral's web-based platform, offices can now efficiently refer patients by finding the right specialist based on insurance, procedure, location, and more. Secure Referral saves on average 1.2 hours per referral.

Why Secure Referral?

  • Save an average of 1.2 hours per referral. Save time and money with the streamlined process.
  • Search for specialists in your area. Specialists will be able to be seen by every referring provider using the software.
  • Send referral, xrays and notes securely through the online portal.
  • Grow your office with more referrals
  • Post Op information sent through secure portal. Providers and patients are sent post op info ensuring proper communication.
  • All providers are vetted. We have a thorough review process to ensure only the highest quality providers are listed.
  • Audit Trail. Audit trail of communication and referral acceptance and Summary Log of communication provides documentation of referral liability and helps protect you from un-needed legal issues because this documentation will provide proof of your referral activity.

Secure Referral Features


Better Quality Care for Patients

Secure Referral's process allows all necessary information to be exchanged between providers bridging the information gap. Files such as CT Scans, Chart notes, Insurance Cards, X-rays, etc. are all uploaded to the referral and sent to the treating provider through the portal.


Patient Messenger

Reduce the amount of unnecessary phone calls saving time and money. Patients will receive messages throughout the process updating them with the status of their referral, post op instructions, driving directions, appointment confirmations.


Improve Visibility, Increase Referrals, and Revenue

All treating providers are populated in the referral search function. Now referring providers can search for offices in their area easily connecting offices and increasing visibility. Publish schedule availability, procedures, same day treatment available, and more.

Track All Referrals on the Dashboard

Easily trakc all referrals in one centralized location. Secure Referral's dashboard allows your office to efficiently track all referrals on one screen. The days of tracking down a patient's chart and calling referring providers are over.


Reduce Lost Referrals due to an Antiquated Process

With Secure Referrals streamlined workflow never again will your office have to ask where is the referral? Has the patient scheduled their appointment? Does the patient have all the information? What happened at the appointment?


Streamlined & Efficient Referral Process

Inefficient workflows in the referral process lead to wasted time and money. Secure Referral's streamlined process improves the workflow saving on average 1.2 hours per referral and keeps everyone informed during the process.

Post Op

Post Op Information

Send post op information through the secure portal. Tie post op instructions to ADA and ICD-10 codes allowing specialists to communicate which codes were performed during the procedure(s).

What our users say

A must have software for all dental offices. SecureReferral is a breakthrough technology that makes it so easy to securely send patient referrals with all information needed to your specialists. The thing that I love most is the dashboard that keeps track of the patient's status and leaves no room for errors for the entire process of seeing the specialist and then getting back to our office for permanent restorations

- Liz Russell

Searching for providers by zip code and insurance type with the patient in the chair dramatically streamlines our process.

- Debbie Evans

This program is a real game changer for dentistry! It will significantly reduce the amount of administrative and phone time for specialists! No more length phone calls gathering information. Those days are over! Secure Referral finally tackles an area that has cost millions of dollars to manage!

- Sandra Gerrand

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The process of patient referrals just got a whole lot easier with Secure Referral.